How to Resist Having an Affair When the Temptation Comes

When one of the most renowned psychologists and one of UKs greatest writers on relationship and cheating said that cheating has become traditional and normal and that all partners will have to learn to accommodate cheating to an extent, I marveled. What she propagates is that cheating is an essential part of relationship that is bound to happen and that on many occasions it strengthens the stuff. She also said that all partners who are able to do so can cheat, but one thing they must have to make sure is that they cheat in a way that their partners will not find out. And I say, who told you there is a way you will cheat and your partner will never find out? Is there any formula that she is going to give them so that this will be feasible? There are different ways that you can employ to avoid cheating. it is a fundamental truth that there must be temptations because of our natural instincts as human beings, but these are not enough and sufficient conditions for us to cheat. We can still practice full fidelity. There are conditions which many people tend to believe cheating are acceptable, but these temptations can still be handled. Many have said that when you are on a very long journey and your partner is not with you and will never even get to that place, you can cheat if there is any room for that. One said that since going on tour involves meeting people and getting involved, you can do this for sure. Another person was pointing at the temptation of your partner having an affair and you being tempted to have a retaliatory affair. We really pointed out that there are numerous flaws that are associated with having anything like a reprisal affair. The worse is that the effects might go with you on a very long term bases. The last person was saying that even if you are around but finds out that if you cheat, he or she will never find out. But my problem with this people is that their love and respect for the Peron is just limited to when they are present with the person. It gives you more joy and dignity knowing that he or she is not there, and you still kept the faith, if not, the love is conditional. Having said this and having condemned the use of the sites for affairs, we now tell you how you can resist the temptation to have an affair whenever it presents itself.

Run Away from Occasions of Temptation

We were taught in the spiritual class that whenever you are very serious about running away from temptation, or avoiding an act or evil, you must remove yourself from the occasion of the temptation. you know too well that you wife or girlfriend is not around and that her training will take 2 more weeks before she comes back and becomes all yours again, but instead of sitting down at home and talk with her all night on the phone, you decide to go clubbing alone. You have just gotten yourself to the object of temptation, and as such can never vow to overcome it, no matter what you profess in ethics. Whenever you lie to yourself that you will take care of it, you will always fail. The best thing is to run away from any occasion that will trigger infidelity. You might be tempted to go because that is a habit you have formed with your partner, but now that he or she is not there, never go.

no temptation

Say no to temptations

Eschew Selfishness

Another thing that I see as the thing that will make you overcome almost all forms of temptations to have an affair is based on developing an unselfish attitude to life. It is always about us and this is very bad. A very good study of the reason why people cheat, have shown that more than majority of the people who cheat either through the sites for affairs like those here or in the physical realm do this because of the fact that they feel neglected by their husbands and that their emotions are not being taken care of. It is your partners own emotions that make your own emotions not to be taken care of. Why not try solving what the problem is with your partner’s emotions than trying to go and get your own emotions handled elsewhere. it might get to those days that you feel you have been in the habit of waiting in the sitting room till 11 pm every day, only for him to come back by 12 am and go straight to bed without having the strength to touch you. The next thing is that you start wondering whether this is the man you married and whether you are now married to a house. This is very natural, and why this is happening, you get to your own office and a new intern that just came in is looking at you in a very provocative manner that you start feeling very attractive once again, and the next week he comes in to submit a file and tells you that you look so attractive this morning. You will just relapse on the seat and tell yourself that this is what it should be, and this is how you partner should make you feel all the time. The only answer to this is for you to remove this selfish attitude to relationships and then consider the reason why your partner is doing this. Maybe he is pursing serious promotion in the office and therefore works extra hard. Sit down with him, and discuss about this with him. The best you can do is to map out other ways that he can still give you this attention without jeopardizing his dreams.

Try Harder

When I told one of my friends that I am looking for people’s opinion on how to avoid having an affair whenever they are tempted to do so, and the simple answer he gave me is that they should try harder. I tended to wave this off, but latter saw what he meant. You must not say, I have tried my best, let me do it. Continue trying. That is the only way you can avoid it. If you ever become complacent about it, it will defeat you out rightly, just as those sites for affairs do to anyone who signs up with them.

having an affair

Resist having an affair

Talk to your Friend or the Couple Counselor

Another thing that will help you in no small measure to avoid the temptation to have affairs involves the other person out there. And in most occasions this will be your friend. Problem half shared is still problem half solved. This is the reason why you must make sure that whenever you have this problem, you should phone you close friend and talk to him or her about it. This will aid you in no small measure. Firstly because another person now knows and you know it’s no secret again, secondly because he or she will normally give you an advice not to go ahead. The second when it comes to peoples help is by seeing a marriage counselor. You might just call any of them and get very good and valuable advice from them on the situation.

with marriage counselor

Seek advice

Remember the Consequences

The next method that you can use to overcome the temptation of having an affair is by calling to mind the consequences it will have on you in the long run. Of course, whenever you are reading this article on how you can avoid the temptation to have an affair, it means that you still love your partner and wants the relationship to continue. If not, you would have filled and gotten divorce. So, what I want to tell you is that one thing you should call to mind whenever you want to have an affair is that it is capable of bringing an end to your marriage and taking the person you love away from your life forever.

Share your Feelings with your Partner

Do you know the best way and the most assured way you can overcome this temptation and avoid having sex? Tell your partner. This is a complete uphill task no matter the angle from which you see it. But whenever you are tempted and you explain this to you partner, you are gaining their confidence, and you are tying yourself to a moral obligation that is never easy to break, though some who are gullible will not understand it.

International Dating Service

The world has become much smaller since the internet came along. The potential to meet and fall in love with people from other places was very unlikely. Most people married those who were in the same small town, or city. Nowadays you have the potential to meet someone next door, or around the globe. There are no boundaries to meeting someone. If you are someone who is traveling overseas, or you work out of the country, you may be finding that you are lonely. While you are visiting another country, why not let an international dating service help you find someone.

online dating digits

Meet love online from hundreds of miles away

There is nothing lonelier than being in a strange country by yourself. Without family or friends, finding someone to spend your time with can be very difficult. If you don’t speak the language well, that can be a double whammy. International dating services are great because they can match people up in other countries, or match you with someone when you are away. They are able to undue the barriers to finding someone in a strange land and have you finding the person of your dreams.International dating services can work in two ways. They can help you to find someone in a foreign land who speaks the same language and that you are compatible with, or they can help to find someone who is in the same boat as you are. They are from the same native land that you are, but stuck somewhere else. That is a great thing when you are far from home. Finding someone who knows what you are talking about, is familiar, or knows about the same things that you do, is very comforting and makes being away from home much less isolating. There is something very romantic about meeting someone overseas. It is almost as if you share a secret between the two of you that no one else gets. It is almost like you and them against the world.There are many international dating sites to choose from. You have to be careful, however. Due to the nature of these sites there are a lot of scams and fraud attached. It is also possible that you are dealing with human traffickers. Fixing people up in foreign lands, you can unwittingly be setting yourself up for potential danger. If you have someone from an international dating service asking for you to send them money, run, that is the oldest trick in the book. It is also important that you investigate the site that you use and make sure that it isn’t a known “front” for something other than dating. Many sites use dating as a guide for call girls and prostitution. Being a foreigner, you are going to be the prime target.

sunset people love

Like holding hand across seas

If you are going to be on an international dating service check for the following things to ensure you safety:

Make sure that it is a real dating site

There are many sites on the internet that aren’t real. Many think that if it is on the internet it has been verified and is real. That is not the case. Anyone can conduct business on the internet, even if they aren’t for real. The only way that they get caught is if someone turns them in and then they just change their name. If you aren’t able to find out any information about a site it is best to use another one.

Don’t ever give personal information

If you are being asked to supply any personal, or financial information, make sure that you are using something like Paypal so that your information is hidden. If you input your credit card directly onto a site they can use it without your knowledge. If you use a Paypal account, your information and account numbers are all hidden from site. If you do have a problem, by using Paypal you can dispute the claim and get your money back. You can do that with a credit card, but if they have hacked into one of your accounts then you are going to get into a lot of trouble. Likewise if you are on a site and someone is asking you for your personal information, don’t ever give out anything about yourself. There is no reason that someone would need to know personal information like what your address is, or what your mother’s name was. Think smart to protect yourself.

hacker on the computer

You never know who is on the other end

Don’t ever send money to anyone

The golden rule is to never send money to anyone. That is the most common and easy scam out there. You get to know someone and suddenly they are asking you to send them money. They either say that they got into some sort of trouble, or that they want the money to come see you. If you don’t know someone well enough to send money in a check to their house, you have no business sending them money at all.

Android – Apps For Dream Photos!

Certainly, the cameras the smart phones have cannot replace the quality of a real camera. Anyway, the existence of applications that can improve a photo quality is appreciated. Android has become the most complex and used mobile platform, which has come with a wide variety of applications that suits everyone demands. This platform helps you develop your creativity and skills, and let your imagination be free. In the field of photography, there are many programs that can convert a simply photo into a more beautiful end expressive one. All you have to do is finding the best application for you. Here are the top 5 photography apps for you Android.


PicsArt is a photo application available to Android users, which has the first advantage to be free. It is built around a social network and gives the user the opportunity to edit photos. It includes 5 modules: Editor, Magic Effects, Draw, Sharing and Photo Art Community. Picture editor is the central module of the application that permits editing the pictures as you wish. The basic effects like crop, rotate or saturation are completed by others, more complex, like contrast, saturation, color swap or luminosity. You can also apply vintage effects. Through Magic Effects, you can personalize your photo by adding effects like cross process, pencil, watercolor, contours or comic. You can draw on your photos using pens or pencils which have the requested dimension. Sharing and photo Art Community are the last two modules of the application. You can make your photos public on a social network, or you can share the photos in your own network, who gather all the users of this application.

Android - Apps For Dream Photos!

Android – Apps For Dream Photos!

BeFunky Photo Editor

This application is a complete solution to edit and share photos. It includes basic options like crop, adjust, luminosity, saturation and hue, but also a wide number of special effects you can utilize after buying the PRO version of this application. The process of editing is quite easy, due to its interface. After editing the photos, you can share them on social networks or on your own network, available to the users of this program.

After Focus

Using After Focus application, you can create quality images applying a focus effect in the centre of the photo. There are two possibilities to create this effect: manual or automatic. There are many instruments to edit your photos, and, before using them, you should consult the guide this app comes with.

PicSay Photo Editor

PicSay Photo Editor

PicSay Photo Editor

This application is very easy to be used. You can obtain high quality photos with minimum effort. After using the basic options, you can paint the photo or even add text.

Aviary Photo Editor

This app comes with a new possibility, different from other photo editing programs. With Aviary, you can use the self improvement of the quality, an option that has a great popularity.

There are many others Android applications which can be found in free or PRO version, but those are more likely to be in top five, due to their capacity of improving a photo’s quality.

3 Signs You’re Ready To Tie The Knot

Your relationship is working out fine and you have started to wonder if it is the right time to get married. Some people say you should date for 3 years, others 6months others 5 years and so on before getting married. Honestly there is no specific period of time that people should date to get married. You can date for many years but still fall apart a few months after getting married. You can also date for few months and have a successful marriage. There are some signs that you should look out for in order to determine whether you are ready to tie the knot. If they are there in your relationship, you do not have to look at the length of the dating period. Here are 3 signs you’re ready to tie the knot;

1. When you feel like yourself when you are around him/her

You do not have to pretend when you are with the person you want to get married to. This is the person that you will live within the same house and sleep in the same room for the rest of your life. Being your true self around someone is one of the signs that you are ready to get married. You should be free to do and say everything to him/her without being embarrassed. When you can be your true self around someone, it shows that you can trust this person to share your deepest secrets with them. This is what marriage is all about.

2. When you feel you are ready to have kids with him/her

Romance: Seven (7) Signs You Are Ready For Marriage!

Romance: Seven (7) Signs You Are Ready For Marriage!

Children complete a marriage. When you feel that you would want t o have a baby, then you are ready to get married. Marry him when you feel that he has traits that you would love to see in your children. Go ahead and marry her when you feel that she is going to be the best mother to your kids. This is a key sign that every couple should look for before they get married. It shows that they are ready to take to grow together and take any challenges that may come their way. Raising children is a challenging task that can only be done well by two people who are committed t o each other.

3. When you have met his/her family

Marriage joins two families. There is nothing stopping you from tying the knot with him/her If you know the members of his/her family and you are comfortable associating with them. Knowing your spouse’s family also helps you understand how the person you want to spend your life with was raised which also indicates how he/she would wish his/her own children to be raised. You also get to know what is expected of you by the family of the person you want tie the knot with. If you have not met his/her family, you should not even think about marriage.



Do not pressure yourself into a marriage that you will regret. Analyze your relationship to see whether you can see the 3 signs you’re ready to tie the knot. If they there, then you are ready to get married.

The ‘Healthy Choice’ That May Be Not Be So ‘Healthy’ For Your Waistline.

Making a healthy choice when it comes to foods is key to losing an extra pound or maintaining a slim waistline or look. However, not all healthy foods are actually good for you. Some are loaded with calories and will actually make you gain more and more weight.

Juices and Smoothies for Power Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day whether you are looking to lose some pounds or not. Research shows that skipping breakfast will not only be unhealthy but can also result in gaining more weight. Swapping all those fried breakfast delicacies for a glass of juice, fruit cocktail or smoothie could actually be good for your waistline as you will be cutting on your daily fat intake. However, juices and smoothies are loaded with processed sugars and supplementing foods with these fruit drinks could make you pick up more pounds. Juices, fruit cocktails and smoothies contain less fiber and more calories from the added sugar as compared to whole fruits or home made fresh juice. Juices and smoothies are also commonly used as a snacking option in most ‘healthy weight loss’ diets. Snacking on a whole fruit or blending your own fresh juice with no additives is actually a much better and healthy option.

The 'Healthy Choice' That May Be Not Be So 'Healthy' For Your Waistline.

The ‘Healthy Choice’ That May Be Not Be So ‘Healthy’ For Your Waistline.

Dried Fruit for a Healthy Snack

According to most people and slimming diets out there fruit is just fruit whether fresh or dried and is a healthy choice for a snack at any given time. Usually fruits contain fiber helping you feel full for longer, they have healthy nutrients and most importantly they contain no added sugars. But, once a fruit goes through the drying process, a few thing change. First, lots of processed sugars and sulfur is added for preserving purposes. Secondly, most healthy nutrients are destroyed by the drying process. As much as the dried fruit still contains fiber to help your eat less, you are very likely to pick up some pounds from the added sugars while sulfur is not good for your health. For example, research shows that a bag of dried banana chips contains 3 times more calories and 20% more fats as compared to a fresh banana.

Diet Drinks and Low Fat Soups.

The Secret to a Balanced, Sexy, Healthy Life: Clean Eating and Keeping Sane

The Secret to a Balanced, Sexy, Healthy Life: Clean Eating and Keeping Sane

Most people fall for the sugar free diet drinks and low fat soups scum meant for ‘healthy’ weight loss. Researches carried out on the diet drinks show that people constantly consuming diet drinks experience 70% waistline increase over time as compared to those who do not. This is due to the artificial sweetener added in the drink and flavors which may trigger appetite and even suppress brain cells that make you feel full. On the other hand, though soups are recommended for quick and healthy weight loss,not all soups will give positive results. Many soups contain significant amounts of fats and salt which will not only cause weight gain but can also result in stomach problems like bloating.

Not all foods will be usable for a slimmer look or waistline. Especially if you are using purchased foods like fresh juice, soup, fruits or any other healthy foods, be on the lookout for all the ingredients, additives and their percentages. It is advisable to make your own healthy foods at home using fresh ingredients just to be sure of what you are taking in

Essential Mistakes To Avoid Before Investing


Investing is usually a rigorous process that involves wide range of things for it to be accomplished fully. In the process, there are mistakes that all budding and established investors normally make which is part of the learning process since investing is a lifetime learning process. However, there are some critical investing mistakes that you should never do in all your life as an investor. These mistakes include the following;

Failing to invest totally; this is the first biggest mistake that you can ever make in your life as an investor. Any budding investor should invest even the little amount that he earns from his various sources of revenue. There are several investment opportunities that anyone should take advantage of and invest in. The greatest problem that will make you die a poor person is fear to invest. When you are afraid of investing, be aware that you are jeopardizing your future life.



Choosing wrong investments

This is also another mistake that you should never do as an investor because it will frustrate you and you will be unable to make any significant wealth from bad investments. It is ideal that you consult an expert to assist you in choosing the right investments for you and help you in making right decisions.

Incorrect way of thinking

The other common investing mistake that should be avoided is venturing into investment with an incorrect way of thinking. When you have decided to venture in to investment, never have a mindset of getting rich fast by making more money. Investing is not a get rich quick scheme where you put your money for a fortnight and you become wealthy afterwards. Investing is about creating wealth and creating wealth is usually a long term goal that can not be achieved in a fortnight. It is a rigorous process that you need to endure for you to get the desired results. You need to be patient for you to create wealth from long term investments.

How to Go About Investing in Real Estate : Strategies to Help You

How to Go About Investing in Real Estate : Strategies to Help You

Investing beyond your financial status

This basically means that you are investing when your financial stability is still below par. Doing this will only imply that you will have to look for other means of obtaining money to finance your investment. That is a great mistake that you should never at any point attempt to involve yourself in. Have it in mind that you do not need debts in your investment life because it will hamper your investment. Therefore, it is ideal that you settle all your debts first before undertaking any kind of investment.

Consolidating your investments

Consolidating your investments is also another terrible mistake that any potential investor should avoid at all cost. This is a horrible mistake because in some cases, it can result to mysterious loss of all the investors’ money. An ideal strategy is to always put your money in a wide range of investments. This does not only enhance safety of your investment but it also enables you to create a substantial wealth from various investments because you are not limited to one particular investment.


If you are a new investor, those are some of the investing mistakes that you should avoid as you venture in this type of business.

3 Time Management Tips That Can Improve The Performance A Person Who Work From Home

When you work from home you can set your working time, you can do the work whenever you want, you can be your own boss and you can choose a work place according to your choice, but as they say “you have to pay for everything that you get” and this rules does not change for working from home as well. With this flexibility many professional who work from home get a serious time management problem and that find it very difficult to manage the time and to complete the tasks on time. In case you are also one of those works from home professional who cannot manage their time, then here are three tips that can help you manage your time in a very effective manner.

Make a schedule of everything: If you really want to manage your time, you have to make a schedule of your work, your personal event and all other tasks. To make it effectively make a schedule and divide it in monthly, weekly and daily schedule format. In this schedule add the tasks in your calendar and finish the task on the time of completion. Other than this, make sure you do a screening of your weekly task on start of your week and daily task on start of your day and prioritize the work accordingly. By this method you will be able to skip those tasks that you don’t have to do at all and you will get more time for your high priority work.

Where Process-Improvement Projects Go Wrong

Where Process-Improvement Projects Go Wrong

Read only important mails while working: Set up a different mail for your work and make sure no one has this email ID other than your client. Also, configure it in your mail client and mobile, by this method you will get an instant alert about new mail arrival and you will not consume your precious time on reading junk or less important emails. For all other mail prefer to use a web based email and read it periodically on your mobile or computer, if you go on walk you can use that time to check these other emails.

Try to do routine work on same time: If you will do your day to day work on same time it will give help you to manage your time in a much better way, so start with eating daily on same time. It will not only improve your health, but it will also give a routine in your work life. Other than this, you can fix a time for your walk, exercise, entertainment and family time. With this method you will work in more organized manner and this organized work schedule will increase your overall performance.

3 Easy Steps For Blog Time Management

3 Easy Steps For Blog Time Management

However, these are only 3 Time Management Tips for Working from Home professional, but if a work from home professional can follow them seriously he can see the tremendous difference in his performance and his time management as well. So if you are a work from home professional and you are still not managing your time, now is the time to do it.